First year of marriage – was it so hard?

We hear everywhere around, that the first year of marriage is one of the hardest. Everything changes, but on the other hand everything should be the same. After months of planning the wedding day, come month of learning a routine, when the days might look the same. You may feel that the excitement is gone, but on the other hand, preparing the wedding day is very stressing and after it’s all done, you can just relax. Well, if only…

Traditionally two people just start living with each other and their whole relationship jumps upside down. Suddenly you see that she’s not the best in the kitchen, and that he likes to leave his dirty socks on the floor of every possible room in your house. Or that he’s a clean freak, and she doesn’t mind floors not being washed for two weeks. And this is only the beginning.

We all grow up in different families, different households, with different rules and principles. We must learn each other on these fields and find a solutions that will work for both of us. Compromise will save us all.

We skipped this kind of problems, because we lived together a couple of years before we got married. Not exactly best christian example, but it saved us from first marriage fights and frustrations. In this case we just woke up one day wearing wedding rings and that was pretty much all. But to be honest, it’s not entirely true.

A lot changed. We were finally brought together by a holy bound, that’s not gonna break. Ever. I wrote about it a year ago, just after our wedding. Check it here. And then we had a desire of making our newly stated family grow. So in our first married year we planted a new family member in my belly.

What else changes is that my love for this amazing man grows every day. I love him more and more, but can I call it a change? I think it was the same before we got married. Because the love grows between us each day, each obstacle, each moment.

Another change in our life is this new member to our family. This little baby developing in my belly is only the beginning of huge change that comes our way. The world will turn upside down, inside out and hopefully this little monkey will make our love grow stronger and even bigger.

I could finish now saying that no crisis happened on our first year of marriage. We even argue a bit less that before, and those fights don’t end with few days of weird atmosphere at home. It got calmer, even thought big challenges await us.

Oh, there is one extra change. My husband got a new wedding ring after the original drowned at no name beach around Thassos in Greece. Unbelievable how he couldn’t even keep it for one year ๐Ÿ˜‰ now we got a new one, the same one, hoping it will last a bit longer than the previous ring ๐Ÿ™‚

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