What am I grateful for – part 6. //Gratitude February

February goes to an end, I have the last part of my gratitude list to share with you. But it doesn’t mean that we can stop being grateful. Life looks better if we say thanks, if we notice all the good stuff and feel grateful for them.

24. Which day of the week are you most grateful for?

Saturday. No, Friday. No, Saturday. Because Friday is only great after 16:30, and Saturday is awesome through all 24 hours.

25. Which month of a year are you most grateful for?

December. Because of Christmas spirit, decorations, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, all the love around and warmth, even though it’s winter time.

26. What form of expression are you grateful for?

Music. Songs. Because then it’s sort of two forms at once. Not only melody, but also lyrics, the text that can bring sometimes a very strong message.

27. Which ice cream flavor are you most grateful for?


28. Name 5 things/people/moments of today that you’re most grateful for.

Running for 10K, sitting on the sofa after a long day, seeing a beautiful sunrise sky, kissing my beloved husband goodnight, eating two pieces of chocolate.

Have you been grateful enough?

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