Beautiful, interesting, inspiring… #3

Inflatable Flamingo

Somehow I can’t find inspiration to write anything here. It’s this beautiful time of the year, December, but it’s so busy, that in every free moment I read other blogs rather than write something for my own. But at least I also collect some interesting links for you. I had in plan to make blog-advent-callendar/countdown ’till Christmas, but seriously, I can’t post even once per week, how was I supposed to post every day for 24 days? Impossible…

So here comes something interesting, beautiful, inspiring…

1. Since few years ago I dream about having this for floating on the sea or swimming pool during holidays. The problem is with packing it into my luggage – impossible… and now I found this giant flamingo to spend some amazing time together with friends. This is my goal for the future ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Have you ever though about what would happen if there would be no more human on earth? If we just vanished? How long would it take for nature to get back to times before we so drastically changed it? You could find out on this video .

3. I can’t draw much. I tried, bought few different pencils, got some special paper, felt inspired even… But I lack of this talent. I guess I won’t ever become a painter. But someone has a talent to make those minimalistic pieces of art on a skin.

4. Even though it’s December and we’re getting ready for Christmas, the weather here is a typical for autumn. โ€œNine crimesโ€ is a song that fits this season. So melancholic. The voice of Damien Rice gives chills. Like this raw autumn weather. The voice of Lisa Hannigan fits there like a cup of a hot tea in our hands on the cold evenings. Creepy video though…

5. A couple got married on the Mount Everest, and here are the photos from their photo shoot. Stunning!

6. I come from Poland. Very beautiful country. And in this series of posts I am going to convince you about it. Lets start with 10 Most Beautiful Spots in Poland . You won’t regret it!

And that’s it folks! I am praying for more inspiration to write in the upcoming future. Have an awesome weekend! It’s only hours away!


  1. so you say that a couple got ‘married’ on Mount Everest. who did that? who officialized that wedding?

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