Welcome to Curaçao!


Howdy there!

Sh*t! See what I did here? This is my very first article on a blog and I’m already starting creeping out speaking like a 20th century farmer.


This article is meant to tell you a bit about our trip to Curacao, impressions, vibes, experiences, things to do and fun facts 😉 More will follow, as we plan on writing detailed articles on all of the things above.

But first things first: As you leave the airport, the first meeting with the island can be a bit disappointing. Not exactly the image of the Carribean paradise you had in mind for the whole 9h flight from Amsterdam (in our case). Bad roads, dried out palm trees (in june-july) and a lot of unfinished houses on the side of the road! It’s like people started working on them and somewhere halfway they changed their minds and left. It’s obviously not like this but has to do a lot with $$$. As we came to realise, life is good for tourists inside the beautiful and expensive resorts. For the people outside it’s different. Way different. Like 4.5 $/h minimum wage different.

I feel like I got a bit out of track.

So, let’s go further.

One of the first things we’ve noticed about the locals is that they are very friendly, smiling people, wich gave us, being so far away from home and in an unfamiliar environment, a feeling of safety. The locals in Curacao are often going to smile and greet you either you are in a hotel or restaurant or passing them by on the beach or streets.

Curacao is beautiful, you must make sure to move your ass out of the resort and onto discovering all the hidden beaches, lagoons, fauna & flora both on land and under water. For someone like us, being for the first time outside Europe and visiting a more exotic place, the image of cactuses as high as trees – in some cases, or iguanas running free and sunbathing next to you on the beach, was pretty impressive. In Curacao you can also admire wild flamingos that are quite popular on the island.


For adventure lovers, the island has a lot to offer in this field as well: get a tour on an ATV, snorkel, dive or swim with dolphins! And after all of this activities, if you’re feeling a bit hungry, you can go for a local dish and have yourself some iguana soup or stew! ( a powerfull aphrodisiac, according to locals) 😉

If we’re talking about eating, then we must give you an advice out of our own experience: either get a lot more holidays or simply eat before going out for eating, because you’re gonna grow old and probably starve before anyone even notices you sitting at the table. (I’m obviously exagerating for a better effect but as a general rule the service, although friendly, can be very slow).

So this was the introduction to our Curacao experience. More detailed articles about all of the things above will follow. Such as:


Written by Miss Disaster’s Husband – Mr. Disaster

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