Our wedding – the most beautiful day of our lives

How many people get married these days? From my observation in the country we live, not many couples decide to finalize their relationship. They prefer to live together and start families without the papers. Even less people get married at church. I guess it’s old fashioned these days. But for me and my partner, legalising our relationship and getting our marriage blessed at church was a big deal. A huge step forward, to build a new family. A family and home based on a rock, on a stable foundations. Our church wedding was in fact the most important and beautiful day in our lives.

I used to imagine my wedding day like… no, wait. I actually didn’t think about my own wedding for a long time. At some point I stopped even believing that I would ever find the perfect guy for me, a man who would be my soulmate, the one and only to marry him. But when I thought about perfect wedding it was usually something small, preferably a getaway situation, with only the two of us. Maybe at the beach, if there is anything more cliche.

What I have got instead was mix of traditions with modern ways, 140 people with us, amazing music, choreographed first dance and great team of video and photography. We had a great time, lots of fun, big amount of dancing, less eating and drinking, tons of smiling and laughing, and of course beautiful memories.

One of my favourite memories was our first look in the park. After hours of preparations, that we had done in different locations, we set our date in the closest green place we found. My husband was waiting for me there, with my wedding bouquet, with his back towards me, so that I could approach from behind. He told me later that the suspense was killing him, but also made perfect atmosphere. He didn’t know how I’d look like, what kind of dress would I be wearing, how would my hair and make up be done. And when I touch his arm and he could turn around to see me, the amazement and love in his eyes told me he liked my wedding outfit.

Another beautiful and important moment happened in church. The priest put my hand in my husband’s hands and told him that he always has to respect me. We kept our hands like this together until the end of the mass. During the ceremony we received the Holy Spirit upon our marriage and the crowns that were put on our heads were symbolising that. We also got to drink some wine, as our relationship is stronger from that moment on, just like wine is stronger than water. I am so happy that we had a Polish priest (we got married in Romania) so I could also understand some of the beautiful prayers. All focusing on us and our newly began family.

As I said before, it was the most beautiful day of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, besides the cake maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ I appreciate all the people who came for us, to celebrate this big event with us. I am so happy that my parents came and brought my siblings along. And all the friends that came for us from abroad. I couldn’t be more grateful.
It’s been two weeks since the big day and it all feels like the most beautiful dreams to us. A dream that came true.

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