Does watching photos from your past make you feel sad?

I love photo albums from the past. Photos in general, portraits of children, parents, grandparents, collected and organized in nice books. I like to go sometimes (once per 6 months or so) back to my past and revive the memories that are kinda stuck on certain photos. Thinking about my childhood brings me joy, because I was happy, free and I didn’t worry about anything. My teenage years were more disturbing, but thinking about “problems” I had then makes me wanna smile; I didn’t know much about life. Studying times were fun, I have great friends from that period of my life and I think all that happened during those five years was a good lesson for the future. I bet that after I get married I will go through my photo album often, then I will collect pictures of my children and so on.
But I won’t be able to put much on the walls or on the furniture of my future house. Simply because my fiancé doesn’t like the idea of photographs. They make him sad. Watching pictures from his childhood makes him sad. He says that the little boy from photos doesn’t exist any more and there is no point looking at him. Sadness will cone with watching photos and videos of our wedding or children, because it will make him feel old and close to dying. Miserable in general. At least that’s what he says.
I don’t understand his point of view very much, and also he doesn’t get mine. We’re gonna find some compromise, that I’m sure of, like I will keep my albums and go back whenever I want to the memories and laugh about it, but I won’t have galleries of photos on the walls. Will work good for both of us.
Are you a person that makes photo galleries on the walls of your home or do you rather not see on every day basis how old you’ve become since the photos were made? And also does anyone fully understand my fiancé’s point? Maybe you even feel the same way? Let me know 😉

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