Gratitude February: a gratitude journal maybe?

Everyday we want more, unsatisfied with things we already have. We want things faster, better, more and more. It doesn’t bring any good, only anxiety, stress and sick competition maybe. If we choose gratitude instead, we’ll fill our lives with more happiness, higher self esteem, better quality sleep and we’re also become less depressed and sad. Who doesn’t want that?

The basis of gratitude holds three things:

a) notice how much you already own: love, health, family, house, clothes… even the simplest stuff;

b) don’t let the things that you want to destroy the joy of things that you already have – if you’re grateful, you don’t need anything more, there is sort of fulfilment in your life. What you already have is better and more valuable than whatever you’d ever want, because wanting deminish the joy of what you already own;

c) say thanks for what you have – to whom? That depends on your beliefs – the universe, the fate. I personally always thank God.

Sounds easy, right? But… do you really feel grateful for what you have? Do you say ‘thank you’ often enough? I know what could be the first step towards becoming more grateful. Have you heard of gratitude journal? It’s a notebook (it can be also an app on your phone) where you write down what you’re grateful for. Everyday, evening or morning. Once a week, or whenever you feel like it. The basic idea is very simple: just write down everything, that you feel grateful for. Things, people, situations, experiences, that happen to you each day. Also the constant things, like love, family, heath, house to live in, clothes, food, good job, or having a job at all. You know what you should be thankful for.

Try to make it a habit for yourself. Some say it’s good to write in the mornings. Then you have a positive boost for the rest of the day. Others say it’s easier to write in the evening, when you collect or the nice stuff that happened to you that day. If you have a little format notebook, you can always have it with you, in your bag, at work, on your desk, this way you can almost write about positive events on the spot. Of course it’s not a tragedy to forget one day about writing or to feel lazy and just not doing it. But if it’s practiced regularly writing in gratitude journal can contribute to permanent changes in our brain, because optimism can be trained. It is known that our brain can be “worked on”. We can certainly work on our attitude.

So why don’t you grab a notebook and a pen and start writing about what are you grateful for?



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