January favorites!

I repeat myself here, but this month is my least favorite. I even like November, which is perhaps the saddest and ugliest month of the year but I still like it more than January. I don’t know if it’s because of all the December beauty (Christmas, all the decorations, warmth, etc) that is such a contrast to what we see in the next months, or is the anxiety for the new year. Anyway, I’m glad we go towards the February โ€“ hearts and chocolates month. But before we escape into the future, lets see what I found nice, beautiful, delicious, outstanding…etc ๐Ÿ™‚

OUR WEDDING INVITATIONS. We worked on them in December, I wrote the story of our love, we asked for some reference to Bruges โ€“ town we live in and love, and the invitation artist in Romania made these beautiful, personalized invitations for us. It was absolutely worth it, every person that got invitation, gave us compliments on it, that it’s outstanding and different than what they ever saw. The wave of admiration stroke everyone, including us and the maker, because noone noticed that there was no date of our wedding on the invitations (except one person who told us โ€œthis is so beautiful, but when exactly is the wedding?โ€), but we solved it easily. Big thanks to Raluca from http://custompaperdesign.ro/ .

DANGEROUS NIGHT. New single from 30 Seconds To Mars. I didn’t know anymore what to expect from them, their music is different on each album, they change very rapidly, just like the haircuts of the frontman. But this song got me from the first listening (and that’s not so obvious, sometimes I need to hear a song 5 times before I kinda ‘get it’). I’m seriously considering to use it somehow on our wedding, most probably as the song on one of video-clips, or a background song for cake to enter the room, or something alike. The song is dynamic, exactly where electro meets soft rock and pop, it just sticks to you. I hope for some nice video for it.

FLAMINGOS ON A BIRD FARM. We have these friends, that live in a village and have a beautiful home styled like Spanish hacienda and in their garden they have a bunch of like real flamingos! Real pinkish flamingos, walking in the water, running away from me when I tried to make some photos. I was so surprised to see them here in Belgium, in this cold period of time, I mean you don’t expect this. You see the photos from tropical islands where they just walk proudly on the see shore, and it’s sunny, crystal clear water and looks like it’s hot there, but here… it’s end of January and the wind blows so hard they can barely stand straight, it’s cold and yet they are here. It just gave me joy ๐Ÿ™‚


GARNIER COLORISTA. I wanted to make my hair pink for quite some time. And my fiancรฉ kept mocking me about it and daring me to do it, so I just did. Twice. I liked it a lot, it’s very vibrant pink, and surprisingly it actually came out really good on my hair. And I don’t have very bright hair, more like medium blond. Anyway I enjoy it even today because the color didn’t go away after 3 weeks, even though it was supposed to. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next stop โ€“ purple!


Photo source: http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/products/hair-colour/semi-permanent-hair-colour/colorista-washouts-hot-pink/

HOT CHOCOLATE FROM MILKA. I just discovered it like a week ago and oh…my…God… it is delicious. Like Milka chocolate but liquid, so creamy and sweet, and you just make it with Senseo coffee machine. It’s just perfect!

And with this delicious tone I’m heading off to February.

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