How do I survive winter – favourite tips

If you’re not a winter lover, just like me, you may find this post useful. Because let’s face it, we all prefer spring and summer. Not to mention that winters here in Belgium are wet, cold, but not snowy. So there is nothing even to watch through window, no snowmen built in the parks or gardens. Well in general snow makes winter already all better. Not here though. Bruges was not prepared when more than a week ago snow paralysed the city. I personally haven’t seen any machine to remove the snow from the roads. Anyway, let me tell you what helps me survive this unpleasant – sometimes – season.

Movies. Long afternoons and evenings make it perfect for watching all the movies and series that you didn’t have time for, during warmer months of the year. I’m busy now with Californication, X-Files and House MD. That’s how we get fatter during winter, I mean you almost always have to eat some snack in front of tv, don’t you?

Candles. They warm up every room. Their light is nicely yellow and makes the room looks warmer. And there are so many smelly candles, you can fill your room with all kinds of scents. During winter I choose cinnamon, apple, cookies, orange. I just wish they also make Christmas tree scent, because today’s Christmas trees don’t really smell like they used to.

Tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Just a warm drink of your choice. After rainy cold night it’s the first thing I reach for, when I get home. After I get a warm kiss and a hug from my fiancé, of course. And it’s the same as with candles, there are some many different tastes of tea, that I drink different tea each day of the week, and I only bought few. There are also rooibos teas that are suited for evening – they contain no caffeine.

Warm clothes. To state an obvious fact. But no, really. Wear a hat, gloves, scarf. Even if you look stupid or funny, it’s for your own good. Even if your fiancé is laughing at your hat every time you put it on – still wear it, he loves you no matter what and you just make his day. Besides that, tons of sweaters, thick socks, especially those over-knee socks, and woollen underwear. I’m joking :))

Christmas decorations. You don’t normally keep them the whole winter in your house, but you can use them quite long. If you start decorating in the begin of December, you can keep them until 2nd of February, which gives you two months of Xmas decorations in the house! Then only one more month and it’s spring, so you basically survived the coldest season. Plus the lights you can keep whole year round, it’s kinda trendy now.

Snow. Whenever you get a chance go out and walk a little when it’s snowing. It’s magical. It’s so incredibly silent then, the sky turns into those amazing bright colours and even during night there’s a bright sky. It’s magical.

Books. I read them all year round, but during winter it’s kinda more romantic. And you can combine the tips from above while reading a nice novel. Sitting in a lighten up by Christmas lights room, on a soft sofa, wearing woollen socks, under the blanket, sipping hot tea, surrounded by scent of cinnamon candle… while it’s snowing outside (if you’re lucky and it snows).

Winter can be beautiful!


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