9 months in – 9 months out

My baby boy is 9 months old. Nine! When did that even happen? It seems like a big deal, because it took him 9 months to develop nicely in my belly, and now it’s the same amount of time he’s been out, and the development is amazing also on this side of the belly!

I was lucky to have a very easy pregnancy. It was magical and beautiful and I actually enjoyed it. I loved feeling the kicks, following his growth, I was excited for every doctor visit. I still remember how happy I was when we heard his tiny heart beating during the first visit. Beautiful times.

But seeing Rafael growing and developing during the next 9 months was even more amazing! How he changed from a helpless newborn to this sleek tiny smartass infant.

Our baby can sit steadily. He falls sometimes but it’s a result of jumping on his ass, not being unsteady. He can stand up if someone holds his hands, and then he’s just jumping like crazy. I bet he only waits for the moment he can walk and then we’ll have to constantly follow his little feel. For now he moves a bit on his ass. He can’t crawl though, he’s not eager to lay on his belly, so I assume he’ll skip this part and walk first. Maybe then he will also like to crawl. We’ll see in upcoming months. We better start searching for all the baby proofing devices, to make home safe for him.

Rafael can also speak! Well we’re not really having conversations just yet, but he can say a couple of words like ‘mama’, ‘tata’, ‘nana’, ‘dada’… or maybe he just repeats syllables? Most probably he doesn’t really understand much of it yet, but he repeats after us. And of course he likes to babble, with someone or while he plays, but especially when he wakes up around 5 am and wants to play 😉 He also understands the word ‘bravo’ and claps his little hands when he hears that. Such a lovely view!

He also started developing his own character. He’s stubborn, he’s getting annoyed, angry even. He can scream at his toys and angrily play with them, like he actually wants to hit them. It’s so funny to see him frustrated at a certain type of toys. When he doesn’t want to eat something he will shut his lips and they would be sealed, no spoon can enter anymore with food. Or he just hits the spoon and all the food ends up on him or next to him. Not to mention that when he’s not fond of the food in front of him, he starts to spit. And then also I am completely covered with his veggies.

Those 9 months were so amazing, I can’t wait to see more of Rafael’s development, but at the same time I wish he’d just stop, slow down, and be small as long as possible…


  1. Wow. This gave me happy goosebumps. It’s so beautiful how you recorded the first nine months of your baby boy after he came to this world. Lots of love to the small one. 😍❤

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