Living in Romania – chapter 1: quarantine

So it finally happened. We moved to Romania, where we have big hopes for the future. I hope.

Playing at home on the floor, because it’s chiller down there

The moving process took very long time. We were actually supposed to move in March, but that didn’t happen, because of Covid-19 harrasing the world. In April and May it also didn’t happen, for the same reason and finally in June, we could pack our stuff and leave.

We’ve been three days on the road, slept two times in hotels and tried to enjoy the road. Which wasn’t easy in an old car, that had no air conditioning and had so many issues that I could write another post only about them ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our boy took the difficult trip very well. He wasn’t crying much, slept a lot and played his toys. He was so brave and behaved so nicely, that we were all surprised. But this trip dismantled his sleeping schedule to the bits.

Entering Romania we had to sign declaration of quarantine: where precisely would we spend those two weeks. Coming from Belgium, which has so many cases of Covid-19 infected and lots of deceased, there was no way for us to skip this. My husband got lucky though, he came with work contract as a truck driver, so he was off the hook, but me and our boy had to go through whole two weeks of sitting at home.

The closest to nature I can get

Today is the last day of those two weeks. And oh Gosh, I can’t wait for tomorrow to go out finally! Those two weeks were way harder than I expected. Partly because of the ubiquitous heat, partly because our boy doesn’t let us sleep too much and we’re constantly tired.

With 35 degrees outside, we have around 28 at home, at all times. We use air conditioning, but there’s only one machine for the whole pretty big apartment, and it chills down the environment a bit, but never reaches our bedroom. Sleeping with windows open is out of question, for the annoying noise of the street, and also, it’s very warm outside at night anyway. So I am quessing my boy has troubles with the heat. Or maybe this is his response to the big change in our livesโ€ฆ

With those two weeks of quarantine, being stuck at home I never wanted so much to go out for a walk. To just be able to feel the air, even if it’s hot as hell. I don’t think I was ever stuck at home for that long. Even as a kid. I was never sick for so long, there was never such a weather condition that would keep us home. Even if we had to stay inside for a week, there was always Sunday, the day when we would go to church, and I swear, as a kid or teenager, even in early 20s, I don’t remember skipping church, ever.

Is this how people in prison feel? Oh wait, even they have daily outside walkโ€ฆ

So, tomorrow morning, my baby will be up at 6 again, it will be nicely warm but not hot yet outside (20ยฐC), I will take my baby out for a walk. My first walk in two weeks. To see something else than the block of flats and a factory, which is the only view we have here. I want a park, nature, lake and swans! Oh I just can’t wait!!!



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