Summer fruit – mascarpone cream pie

We are officially addicted to dessert.
I wanted an apple pie, but my husband said it’s winter dessert, therefore I came up with an idea, where the filling is a light cream based on mascarpone cheese and some summer fruit on top. It was delicious, so I decided to share it here. Enjoy!

Crust bottom:
· 250g flower
· 125g butter cut into smaller pieces
· 50g sugar powder
· 1 egg
· aroma of choice (vanilla for us)
· juice and zest of one lemon or orange
· 1-2 spoons of milk
Everything should be cold

Mix ingredients together into a dough, form a ball and wrap in a plastic foil. Let it chill in the fridge for one hour. Spread a bit of butter in pie form, to prevent sticking. Warm the over up to 180°C. Take the chilled dough from fridge, spread it evenly in the form, on the bottom and walls. Bake for aprox 25 min. Let it chill.

The dough spread in the form
Baked crust

· 250g mascarpone
· 200ml 40% fat cream
· 4 tbsp of sugar powder

Whip the cream with sugar powder until stiff. Add mascarpone and mix together well, but not too long. Now the cream is ready to spread onto the chilled crust! Once you do it add some topping of your choice. For us it was strawberries and blueberries.

· strawberries
· blueberries
· other type of fruit
· optionally jello
· chocolate flakes
· anything you can imagine 😉

You can enjoy it right away!


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