The most beautiful Curacao’s beaches – our personal rating

Being an Caribbean island, Curacao has amazing beaches, that you should definitely discover during your stay there. Meaning: go out of your resort/hotel beach, rent a car and go in search of amazing sandy or rocky beaches with all shades of blue waters! Here is our personal top 7 of the most beautiful ones, that we found on Curacao (but we visited a lot more).

1. Blue Bay – rating 9.5/10. It’s a very beautiful, clean beach situated in a big resort with the same name. The moment you leave the main road and turn to the resort you see that it’s a high class place, with smooth roads and nice buildings – hotels and houses for rent. You pay 15 guilders/person and you get to stay on a nice beach beds, surrounded by palm trees with iguanas hanging above you and enjoying the sun, just like you. There is a nice restaurant and bar with delicious drinks and food, the waters are extremely blue and it has a typical Caribbean vibe, which makes it perfect for exotic-like, Instagram photos. Warning: iguanas are not afraid of people and like to walk between the sunbeds, and even steal from people’s bags, so don’t keep any delicious food in there 😉 It was our favorite beach on Curacao.


2. Kokomo – rating 9/10. Beautiful, Instagram friendly beach. It has a nice restaurant (with delicious goat cheese salad!), sunbeds and even dive rental place. You can also get a massage there if you wish. It’s very clean, has a nice vibe, music is playing in the speakers and it’s great for snorkeling – half of the beach is rocky so there’s not so many people and a lot of fishes to admire under water. There’s also a nice swing in the shallows, occupied by girls trying to get a nice shots for the Instagram. It’s popular among young people, also locals. We went there in the afternoon and didn’t have to pay anything for entrance, but it’s possible that if you go in the morning you’ll be charged for sunbeds.

3. Playa Kalki – rating 9/10. It’s the first beach on the map beginning from Westpunt. It’s a small rocky beach, at the bottom of the cliff, that gives an intimate feeling. The shore is rocky, the bottom of the sea as well, so make sure to have swimming shoes with you to avoid any injuries. There is a diving center and a restaurant on the beach, there’s also a resort at the top of the cliff overseeing the beach, with a restaurant/bar and a swimming pool as well. This beach is a great spot for snorkeling: one of the most diverse fauna & flora we’ve seen on Curacao; but beware of the jellyfishes/whatever that stings. Hurts a bit, especially if it gets you 5 times in 3 minutes… No one came for payment for the whole 2h that we’ve spent there, so I guess the chairs are free of charge. There is also a free parking on the site. If you love snorkeling, you can’t miss this beach!

4. Daaibooibaai – rating 8,5/10. You should definitely see this beach and spend some time there, not only in the beautifully blue waters or lying on the sand, but also taking a walk up onto the cliffs. It’s only a bit difficult, but the views from there are breathtaking. This beach was mostly occupied by locals, not so many tourists were around. There is a bar there, some umbrellas and picnic tables. The beach is possibly free of charge, since noone ever charged us.

5. Santa Martha’s deserted resort – rating 8/10. This is a very special place to visit. Years ago there was a nice vacation resort called Sunset Waters, with a view over the sea, great swimming pool and bar inside of it, a nice lagoon, sunbeds, beach bar… until some years ago something didn’t go right and the whole thing went bankrupt. Right now it’s a good spot for a horror movie or a nice photo shoot. This place has a deserted vibe, there are only a few people and they are mostly locals. There are no chairs, the beach isn’t really sandy, but the waters are blue and you can do a nice deal of snorkeling there. Be sure to visit the deserter hotel, it feels a bit haunted, but it’s actually interesting. It’s not so hard to reach if you follow the road straight from Santa Martha Landhuis and don’t get discouraged by the state of it – the road is bumpy. There is also a nice view point on the way for a nice landscapes photos of a bay and a little harbour. It’s a little road trip, but so worth it!

6. Playa Knip (Groot Knip/ Kanepa Abao) – rating 8/10. This beach quite big, beautifully blue, and has the smoothest sand we’ve experienced on the island. There is a cliff that you can jump off if you’re courageous enough. It’s seems to be a good spot for Instagram photos, judging by numerous girls around us, who were not stopping with shooting photos of themselves even 2h after we arrived 😉 There is a little bar and a massage service on the beach; there is a big barbecue at the back of the beach as well, and lots of people are actually using it making the beach smell like roasted meat 🙂 The beach has a vibe of a commercial place, there is lots of people there, you pay for pretty much everything there: toilet (1 guilder), beach beds are 7.50 per person, you have an opportunity to rent an atv rides. Oh, the parking is free!

7. Cas Abou – rating 7.5/10. The beach looks beautiful and the waters are clear blue. You pay 12.5 guilders for a normal car on weekends and 10 on week days when you enter the beach. There is a big parking, but you need to drive slowly on the dirt road so you don’t damage the car. It’s very crowded place. But we only stopped there, because we were hungry and wanted to combine seeing new beach and eat, and …then we rapidly left. As probably mentioned somewhere before, restaurant service on Curacao is rather slow and you feel kinda ignored. So after standing at the bar for 10 min and being ignored while people next to us were served, we just left in search for some other place to eat. All in all ii is beautiful there, but you pay too much, the entrance, the beds, even food was quite expensive, and there is so many people there, you have no place to sit and eat. Maybe if you come in the morning you can actually enjoy it a bit more than we did, since it is very beautiful.

There are lots more beaches on the island, and they’re all pretty and worth the visit. But if you don’t have so many days, just choose those 7 beaches, and in our opinion, you’ll see the most beautiful ones in the whole Curacao!

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