The Gambia Diary: day 1 and day 2

Hello everyone! I decided to make a sort of diary from my latest holidays. I mean holidays that I still enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I landed in Gambia, I am here! After about six hours flight from Amsterdam, we landed in Africa, and the first thing I noticed immediately after I left the plane was the smell. The air smells way differently than in Europe. Maybe it’s the humidity, that’s like in a sauna, or maybe it’s just the fruit trees around us,because it smells also sweet. I can’t say really because it was night and I didn’t see much. But I also heard lots of birds singing around just like if they’re welcoming! Good first impression, Gambia, well done!

On the way to our hotel (Senegambia Beach Hotel) we weren’t able to see much. Darkness everywhere, not many lights, but there were groups of people, here and there, on the side of the road, standing or sitting on chairs, like they gathered to chill down after long warm day. Some of them waved to us even.

We arrived at the hotel very late, got to beds after midnight, so we were all very tired and only the next day could we see how beautiful the surroundings are. I simply woke up in a jungle. Senegambia Hotel is situated at the ocean shore and it has huge, amazing garden. Palm trees everywhere and different kinds, cactuses with flowers in full bloom, monkeys jumping from tree to tree, vultures chilling on the grass, waiting to be fed. Rooms are basic, but not bad, air conditioning in every room, and everywhere beautiful view from windows. There are two swimming pools and access to the beach, few bars and restaurants, shops with souvenirs and I bet I haven’t mentioned everything yet. I never ever stayed in a hotel situated in more beautiful surroundings.

Almost the whole day we spent at the beach and swimming pool, resting after yesterday’s long trip and getting used to the climate. In the afternoon we went to the closest market and we could experience what does it mean to be called from each side to “just see what I have, you don’t have to buy”. People were selling there typical, but beautiful souvenirs, wooden sculptures, bracelets, clothes, bags, etc. Everything very colorful. And the people very friendly and smiling all the time, but also very pushy. They would reach out for you from every side, asking to see what they have to offer and then obviously ensuring that they have a good price. All in very friendly and smily mode. I only watched around what they have, but next time I will buy some things.

It seems to be a rule for Gambians to reach out for tourists and trying to sell everything possible, everywhere. They walk around on the beach selling fruit, scarfs, sunglasses, peanuts, hats, and I don’t know what else. They all smile and ask how are you and all speak English of course, along with other languages. I heard them speaking Dutch, French. I bet I would find also Polish at some point. For me it’s all a bit overwhelming. But I will definitely get used to their approach in upcoming days.

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