Nightmare of summer nights


Another hot night was covering the town, opened windows in the whole apartment couldn’t cool down the bedroom enough for me to fall asleep easily. Not only I was going through jet lag, but also there was this heat wave going on in Belgium. Hour after hour I was counting sheep, turning from side to side and feeling jealous that my husband is peacefully sleeping. If only he knew he would be woken up so abruptly…
Midnight passed long ago and I was actually tired from tossing in bed, so I slowly fell asleep. The sweet Morpheus couldn’t embrace me fully before a loud woman voice started screaming through the night: ‘I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!…’. My husband almost jumped waking up, looking around with surprised and a little scared eyes. ‘What is it?!’ – he sat on bed and looked around. The screaming continued without stopping. I was more annoyed than scared, simply because I heard her screaming a few days before, only it happened during the day. ‘See? I told you I heard someone screaming the other day. Seems the same to me’ – I sat on bed as well, now fully awake. Perfect. I would be a walking zombie in the morning.
My husband looked out the window but saw nothing, but our neighbors at the balconies, trying to find out who made the noise. The screaming continued on, with few short breaks, like the woman was collecting her voice and strength between rounds of chanting: ‘I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!’. We didn’t know what to think, what to do. Closing window wasn’t an option unless we wanted to suffocate in the sauna-like apartment. Besides she was loud enough for us to hear her even through closed windows. So we lied back in bed and tried to calm down, but it was kinda creepy and also terrifying. Suddenly everything went silent. The door shut loudly and it was again a peaceful hot night.
The next morning my husband and I tried to do something about the screaming situation. Should we go to the apartment we thought the noise came from? Call the police? Ignore it? After all it could be just one time situation. My husband wrote me even a scenario story he came up with, while being a little afraid of picking up the car from our parking spot. Yes, our spot is right next to the potential screamer’s garden… The message from my man was something like this: “So I go there and an old and nice lady will open the door. She has quite a pale face and big, emotionless eyes. She’s not really inviting me in, but the door is open enough for me to take a glimpse inside. Everything’s surprisingly neat, but I can see something broken with the corner of my eye. She says she’s sorry and politely asking for my name while staring me right in the eyes. I do not fall for it and I say my name is not important. I tell her to just keep it quiet and then I leave. At night I wake up all sweated at the sound of my name being shout alongside the usual ‘I hate you’..;”. Quite an imagination. He also told me, he heard her saying some sort of exorcism chanting, asking God to take the black magic away from her. Like this whole thing couldn’t get any creepier.

We found out from our other neighbour, that the situation happened before, while we were on holidays, and the screaming lady was also playing with the lights at her place, turning them on and off. After visiting the mother of the obviously disturbed woman, our neighbour found out that it’s some sort of autism situation going on, and that the medication wasn’t taken. The screams are supposed to scare away the enemy, just like the lights being on and off. Well, that gave us some enlightenment, but it couldn’t go on like this. We need to sleep at night, not listen to some screaming shows.
Following nights were quiet. I really thought everything was fine, the autistic person took her meds and all was back to normality. Oh how mistaken I was, I only realized when the same scream woke us up again: ‘I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!’. We woke up with fasten heartbeat, scared, angry and tired of the whole situation. She kept screaming on: ‘I hate you! You precisely! Everyone is whores and pimps! I hate you! I hate you!’. My husband couldn’t take this anymore; ‘Shut the fuck up!’ – he answered, but that wouldn’t even bother the lady. She kept on with her noise for about half an hour.
The next day we called her mother. And we heard that the daughter is gone… Last night she left the apartment and they cannot find her. The police was involved. We looked at each other with my husband and didn’t know how to react on that. We just sat into our car and left to do some shopping.
It’s been two weeks of silence so far. We have no idea what happened with the lady, if she was found or not, if she’s ok, if her medication in now set alright. But at least, we get the essential night sleep.

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