29 facts about me on my 29th birthday:)


I’m getting older today! It’s getting incredibly close to this terrifying age of thirty. But I am not one of those people who are afraid of being in their thirties instead of in their twenties. I think I will stay a teenager in my heart for life! Anyway, it’s still one year before that, so now, being 29, I will share with you 29 facts about me. Some of them you maybe already know, others probably not, I chose these facts randomly. So, here it goes!

1. I am afraid of spiders. Yup, fully developed arachnophobia here, and I don’t think I will recover.

2. Got two sister’s and two brothers. And I am the oldest. All of us are different shade of blonds with blue/green eyes, but the youngest of us, my sister, she got dark brown hair and eyes.

3. If I love a book so so so much, I read it two or more times.

4. 30 Seconds To Mars is my favorite music band.

5. Their folder on my laptop contains 22139 files, which gives 44,2 GB. Sh!t.

6. For many years I was the tallest in my class at school. I think until I was 13/14 years old. Now I am 175 cm tall.

7. And I have huge feet… which is very problematic when buying shoes. 41/42 sizes are rather limited in choice.

8. My favorite season is fall. I mean I love summer and spring too, mostly summer, but fall is my soulmate, with the kind of melancholy and beauty in colorful nature. Even rainy days can be beautiful if I am not obliged to leave the house for any reason.

9. I am a tea drinker than coffee drinker…

10. But I love Starbucks and never ordered tea there ๐Ÿ˜‰

11. I hate raisins.

12. Or any other dried fruits.

13. I am getting married in 8 days to my first boyfriend. Couldn’t be better โค

14. I play guitar. But on rather basic level.

15. I learned how to play guitar all by myself. The first song I played was โ€œThe Killโ€.

16. I used to sing at church when I was a kid, was kinda ‘famous’ for that. Then I stopped. Now I sing again. Circle of life.

17. I had this portrait of a perfect man in my mind when I was a teenager. It was a combination of Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Freddie Prince Jr and Ben Affleck. So… dark hair, brown eyes, handsome… Looking at my life partner now, I stayed true to my teenage taste ๐Ÿ™‚

18. I used to write a diary when I was younger. I must have about 7 notebooks about my teenage drama.

19. I don’t smoke.

20. Often times I get sad. I can find millions of reasons just like that. It’s not so negative. That’s how I am.

21. I don’t eat Brussels sprouts.

22. I don’t like, nor drink vodka. So what that I’m Polish?! Stereotypes…

23. My favorite color is blue.

24. I like fresh strawberries, or fresh smoothie made of them or strawberries and pasta and cream… but definitely not strawberries flavor of ice cream, cake, yogurt… just no.

25. I like Taylor Swift. * drops the mic *

26. I often laugh until crying point.

27. I am extremely emotional. I don’t really like it about myself.

28. I recently started to love sushi. I would actually love to go to Japan and get to know the real taste of it.

29. I get sick in the cars/buses, but only if I sit in the back. That’s why I often get the privilege of sitting in the front.

Happy Birthday to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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