How February turned into March


It’s spring! At least my husband (alert! He’s my husband now!) is sure of it and smells it in the air. Even though last week here in Belgium we were far from normal weather in winter – we got temperature that reached minus twelve and even some snow. Not to mention the canals froze a little in our beautiful town. It was a busy time as well.

In February we collected all needed documents for being able to marry in city hall here in Bruges, after all these months of calling back home and asking our families to take care of some things there, us traveling to our consulates and asking for other documents… in short – make sure you do it all in advance so you don’t have to hurry like we did.


Then in the middle of February we had a one week visit of my (then yet) fiancé’s parents, who came from Romania. We had a nice week together, few visits to other family members, gave away some invitations to our wedding. And we ate a lot, I mean a lot.

After our guest were gone we settled the date for our legal ceremony. It was happening on 1st March, Thursday in the morning. We started preparing and asking few people to come, but not many could, of course, it’s a middle of working week. But – surprise surprise – my fiancé’s family came here to Belgium to be here with us on that day. Yes, two weeks after they went back to Romania, they came back here with two extra people. They also brought me my amazing bouquet, handmade of paper.


And when the 1st March came and we all went to the very beautiful city hall, me and my fiancé said “yes” and legally became a husband and wife. It was a very special moment, we kept our hands tied through the ceremony (ok, fine, it only lasted for 10 minutes), we shared an innocent kiss and got lots of congratulations and some flowers and little gifts. Lots of photos were made, now I also made an album of them, some sweet champagne was drank, delicious breakfast was eaten at the bagel restaurant and it was all in joy and festive atmosphere.


Now we’re in March, official month of spring, and I realized how close to the church wedding we are, I still have no veil, no shoes, no bouquet chosen, nor hairstyle… Not to mention almost none of the flights are booked for us. Still lots of work and organization! Let us dive into it then 🙂

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