Cleaning tips from cleaning pro ;)

Spring is almost here! The flowers will start blooming soon, the rain will stop, temperature will rise to normal fifteen – maybe twenty degrees, and it will be so beautiful to see everything in nature coming back to life. Oh who am I kidding, it’s second half of February and it’s not pleasant, but just a little more patience and we’ll be there! And what’s gonna happen in the spring? Big cleaning!

Nobody likes cleaning. That’s the general rule on that, but there are people like Monica from ‘Friends’ who actually enjoy doing that. Well I surely enjoy clean apartment, shiny bathroom, no hair on the floor and minimum dust on my black furniture, but I don’t really get high on the process of cleaning. However.. I used to be a breakfast lady-slash-housekeeping for a long time in a hotel, now I still work in cleaning industry, so I learn a lot of tricks that can help to clean faster, more efficient and less unpleasant maybe? Anyway, here come some of tricks that you could follow!

1. Before you get to clean the bathroom, spray all the cleaning products, always vacuum first. There is always hair on the bathroom floor, or some other things, lot of dust, and if you don’t vacuum first, it will all mix with water and products, and then it’s impossible to vacuum. Unless you want to burn your vacuum cleaner. And I don’t recommend that.

2. Don’t use those spray products for windows, when you actually want to clean windows. It doesn’t do the trick. You’ll end up having stripes all over everywhere and keep polishing the glass for ages. The best way is to use a bucket of warm water mixed with dishwasher product and vinegar, clean window with sponge, then use trekker to remove the water. With long moves from side to side or from up to down. Then use dry cloth to swipe the edges and you’re good to go to the next window! Really faster and more effective.

3. Never wash windows when it’s below freezing point outside. And if you really have to, don’t use hot water; the difference of temperatures could break the glass.

4. I found out that using two buckets with water for washing floors is a big advantage. You have one bucket with clear water, where you rinse your cloth every time after going on your floor, then put it into bucket with water mixed with product. This way you basically don’t have to exchange any more water, and you save on product. Plus you’re always using clean cloth!

5. Put your bucket somewhere higher than floor, it’s better for your back not to have it below your knees level.

6. Microfibre cloths is the best for taking the dust off of your furniture. Dry or wet, doesn’t matter. Just remember to never use softener to laundry when you wash microfibre cloth.

7. When you clean your bathroom or even kitchen sink, the best sponge is the one that makes no scratches. This way you won’t have those lines on your stainless steel tap. You can buy them in every supermarket I think. The harder part is blue or white, in difference to regular sponges, where the harder part is mostly dark green.

8. Regular sponge doesn’t work on some dirt? Use magic sponge! The white miraculous little sponges are great for cleaning walls, scratches, nail polish lines on bathtub, etc. Very helpful. Just be careful, on very delicate surfaces those sponges can leave scratches.

9. The best, the cheapest, the most natural descaler is vinegar. You can use it in bathroom, kitchen, tiles floors, windows, oven, and many many more!

10. Whenever you clean, play some upbeat music, dance when you vacuum, use cleaning as your workout. Before you know it your apartment will be shining and you’ll be in a very good mood!

Enjoy your cleaning!

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