Say ‘thank you’ everywhere you are!

“Thank you” is one of those magical phrases that can open the door, the hearts of people. It costs nothing and can work wonders. Not only builds and strengthens our optimism, but also develops empathy, reduces the feeling of anger and frustration, reduces anxiety, facilitates establishing good relationships with people. Beautiful and powerful words as we can see, and should be used as often as possible.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to say ‘thanks’ everywhere you go? When you’re on a trip, you’re most probably served by local people, in hotels, bars, restaurants, shops. And of course they understand simple English ‘thank you’, but I think it’s always nice to try to speak in the language of your host. Nobody will ask you to have long complicated conversations in all the dozens of countries you’ll visit in your life, but saying thank you seems doable, right?

Here it comes then, thank you in different languages!

Polish – dziękuję

Romanian – mulțumesc

Africaans – dankie

Albanian – faleminderit

Arabic – shukran

Armenian – Շնորհակալություն (chnorakaloutioun)

Azerbaijani – təşəkkür edirəm

Bosniac – hvala

Bulgarian – благодаря (blagodaria)

Catalan– gràcies

Cebuano – salamat

Chinese – 谢谢 (Xiexie)

Croatian – hvala

Czech – děkuji

Danish – tak

Estonian – tänan

Filipino – salamat

Finnish – kiitos

French – merci

Georgian – დიდი მადლობა (didi madloba)

Greek – ευχαριστώ (sas efcharistó)

Hawaian – mahalo

Hebrew – .תודה  (todah)

Hindi – dhanyavād (shukriya)

Dutch – dank u

German – danke

Hungarian – köszönöm

Icelandic – takk

Indonesian – terima kasih

Italian – grazie

Japan – arigatô

Korean – 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida)

Latvian – paldies

Lithuanian – ačiū

Macedonian – Благодарам (blagodaram)

Malay – terima kasih

Maltese– grazzi

Mongolian – Баярлалаа (bayarlalaa)

Norwegian – takk

Portuguese – obrigado/ obrigada

Russian – спасибо (spasiba)

Serbian – xвала (hvala)

Slovakian – Ďakujem

Slovenian – hvala

Spanish – gracias

Swedish – tack

Tamil – nandri

Thai – kop khun

Turkish – teşekkür ederim

Ukrainian – Дякую (spasybi)

Welsh – diolch

Yiddish – a dank

Zulu – ngiyabonga

Now you can travel the world and be thankful wherever you are!

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