Mini introduction to how to become an optimistic person :)

Sunshine, rainbows and confetti, naive believing that life is a constant party – no. This is not what optimism is. It’s natural to have a bad day sometimes, or to feel sad. Misfortune is a part of it, and it goes for both – optimist and pessimist.

The difference between optimism and pessimism is not what you go through, but how you look at all the things, people, situations that happen to you. Do you focus on the problem or on the solutions? Are you enjoying and celebrating the good moments or thinking more intensively on the bad ones? Are you stuck over-thinking your past? Or looking forward with hope for the future? The difference between optimism and pessimism is a mindset. One that makes you also realize that you have a lot more in the hand that you would suspect. Whether you see the glass half empty or half full, is only 50 percent determined by inheritance and 10 percent by circumstances. The other 40 percent we decide completely ourselves (according to some book from 2012 by the guy named Bormans).

Some people are simply born optimists. That’s their secret of being positive most of the time. Others are not so much of always-so-happy people, and they need to learn how to stay positive. Just like we learn how to accept complements (did you also had to learn that?). Here are some tips you could follow on being more positive.

First of all believe in yourself. If you have a plan for something, believe you’re gonna make it. Have a faith in your own power. Second of all don’t make extra problems, from non-existent sources. We all have this bad habit of inventing problems where they don’t even exist, situations that may never happen. I wrote more about it here: . Another very important thing that will help you to be more positive is to get lose from the past negative experiences. They happen, you learn from them and then you let go. What also helps positivity is simply liking yourself. You can’t be hating yourself, have extremely low self-esteem and suddenly be highly optimistic. Accept yourself and focus on your virtues. But one of the most important thing is being grateful. There is always something in your life to say thank you for. Amazing people around you, good weather (if you’re living some place else than Belgium;) ), delicious food that you get to eat. Making grateful makes life so much better. But I believe I’ll write more about it in February 🙂

Until then, lets all think positive!


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