Cross your bridge when you come to it!

I’m writing this for myself too. Why? Because I am one of this kind of people, that in front of confrontation already see the bad ending. And start worry about it. Instead of imagining what good can happen, I see pessimistic visions and all possible negative things that could take place instead. Very unhealthy and a complete waste of time.


We worry about the stuff that could eventually happen, or re-think and over-think the things that are already in the past and cannot go away from our minds. Let’s say I leave for a trip tomorrow. The weather could suck in the morning, I will get wet and uncomfortable pulling my suitcase behind me to the train station. I may not wake up on time, be late for the train. I may forget to pack something important for my 10-days trip. And so on. The truth is, either the thing will not even happen (that’s why you have two alarm clocks for!), or the solution is very easy (make a list of things before you pack and follow it; if you forgot something, you can always buy it in the destination place), or you have no power over it anyway (really, the rain?) . If you can solve it fast and easy, just do it and go further with your life. If not, stop worrying about things that may or may not happen, or things you have no power over. It’s that simple.

Everyone wants to be happy. We should start from excluding pointless worry from our life. Nobody knows what will happen in two hours, a week or a year, so why worry about it? Life may turn out to be actually great and surprise you with all good stuff, that you didn’t really consider, because you were worrying… Enjoying stuff in advance is way better strategy. You put yourself in a good mood, imagining all the beautiful things, and you don’t stress that much. Even if something won’t go smoothly, at least you didn’t lose time worrying about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Truth is we should all focus on today. On things that are happening now. We don’t really focus on little happy moments, we don’t enjoy them, don’t pay attention, waiting for big happening and burst of good luck and success. Or we get stuck on the past. Wrong. You don’t find happiness there. Leave the past where it belongs. Stop plotting the pessimistic future, because nothing is sure. Live now. It’s the only true moment, the only true thing that is actually happening. Today, now. Surround yourself with nice things to enjoy them now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to wear that dress. Don’t wait for a special occasion to buy yourself your favorite whiskey. Perfect moment may never come, you’ll lose or gain weight and never wear the dress. And for the special occasion you’ll run to shop and buy another bottle.


Ok, but bad things still happen, right? True. Except, we all realize, that what we were afraid of wasn’t so scary as we thought it would be. Because we mostly overreact with our worries. And even if not, worrying in advance won’t change anything, it’ll end up being just a waste of time, that we could use to live in present moment.

And if you really cannot throw the worry away from your mind, then think about the worst possible thing that could happen. Prepare yourself for this, make a plan b, and with this weapon go further no longer worrying. Because you got yourself a solutions already.

Besides about 90% of the things/situations that we worry about never happen.

So…Don’t waste your time worrying about what’s unlikely to come true.


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