My travel bucket list


I wish I could call myself a traveler. Spending most of the time in different countries and seeing more of the world every day. Having so many stamps in my passport that I have to change it before the expire date. Pinning on the map more and more countries every year. I am just at the beginning of my travel adventure, and even though I won’t have it like most of the known travelers, I will do it my way, slowly and on my terms; I am excited for this.

I haven’t visited much yet, but I’ve seen some wonderful places already. Romania was a big positive surprise – what a beautiful country.. One of Greek islands – Lefkada – will stay in my memory with its breathtaking views. Italy stole my heart. Mallorca has a special value – we got engaged there. But I want to write down all the amazing places I’d love to visit, this way I manifest them to the Universe so that it will help me to reach all those destinations.

1. New York. My dream since I don’t remember when. I used to want to move there and live there my life. But I know I’m not made for big cities. Still, I definitely want to go there, stand at the top of Empire State Building and take a selfie ๐Ÿ™‚ Jogging through Central Park is also on a bucket list.

2. California. LA and San Francisco. Huge sequoias and Hollywood Hills. I love USA in general and I want to write another post about it later.

3. Maldives. Pure paradise. And we must stay in one of those water bungalows, with a private entrance to the ocean. So calm and so romantic. Very expensive as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Iceland. To see all those beautiful waterfalls, landscape changing every 10 minutes of drive, volcano island and maybe even some northern lights.

5. Norway. Northern lights and fjords. Mainly.

6. Israel. Because I would like to walk the paths that Jesus walked two thousand years ago. Try the wine from their grapes, float on Dead Sea, visit Jerusalem.

7. Thailand. I’ve seen so much and I really want to experience it myself. Beaches, temples, completely new culture.

8. South Africa. Cape Town. I don’t know why, I must have wanted it when I was a teenager and it just stayed this way.

9. All the beautiful places in Europe. Croatia (Plitvice Lakes), Switzerland (staying in a wooden cabin in the mountains), Portugal (road trip), more of Greece (islands and Athens, Meteora), more of Spain, Italy. I’m lucky to live in a continent that makes it easy to travel between different countries without losing the whole day on a plane.

10. Caribbean Islands. We’re visiting Curacao for our honeymoon, but we definitely want more.

I believe this list will change with time, some places will become ‘already seen’, other will happen to be my dream destinations. What is your travel bucket list?



    1. Gabriel’s mother went this year and she came back in one piece. I know people who have been there this years as well, they are all fine and don’t say anything about being dangerous there. But I know, the terrorism and stuff. The thing is, we have it also here in Belgium (Brussel), lets not get crazy about it. We cannot live our lives being scared ๐Ÿ™‚

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