What makes me feel better on a bad day?

Everyone had a bad day once in a while. Me too. Honestly I’m rather pessimistic person, which I would like to change, but it’s so hard… It’s like when everything flows, without obstacles, I’m positive and optimistic. Problem starts when a small, a little even thing doesn’t go as planned or imagined and I immediately see all possible black scenarios. I’m overreacting right now, it’s not so bad, but I wanted to show you the picture. Anyway, as said at the beginning, everyone has a bad day sometimes. Bad hair day. Bad work day. Annoying people day. Bad weather day. Sad day. Moody day. I’m not talking here about depression – that’s way more complicated and difficult to fight. We focus here on things that we have power to change easily and quite fast.

The idea is to not keep drowning in this sadness, in this negativism and rather try to change the mood. How do I do it?

Music. It’s so universal, that you can find songs for every kind of mood. Music can give you energy, it can calm you down, make you sad or happy, motivate you, put you in a melancholic state, etc. What works for me is either motivating 30 Seconds To Mars, or cheerful, relaxing Taylor Swift. I’m so glad I got her new album finally, now I only have to wait for new MARS music. This year? Next year?

Zumba! I can’t get over it. It’s such a energy and good mood boost, everyone should try it. Of course it’s organized class, and happens only two times per week, but if by any chance I have a bad mood that day, or I feel that something is not working, or some catastrophe is going to happen – at Zumba everything looks better and I am positive again. Magic?

Sports. Connected with Zumba. It’s not magic at all, it’s known since always that physical activity is a good mood boost, thanks to endorphines that run through your body everytime you sweat it out. I remember when I was running regularly I also felt way better during running, even if I had a bad day. I bet it works perfectly also when you play some games, like football or volleyball. So whenever you feel bad, make an effort and go for a jog or to the gym. Better mood guaranteed.

Series. It’s a good way to relax and not think about all the proverbial crap that happened during the day, or week. While I think that running away from the problems doesn’t solve them, a little break from them is nothing bad. You can either choose something funny/stupid, like “Friends” or “Family Guy” or whatever you prefer, or some mystery series that will suck you up into the story and you will be completely focused on what’s happening on the screen. Works for me.

Talk to someone. Sometimes the most obvious thing is forgotten. But truth is that most of the time talking with someone about your shitty day, problems that bother you, may make you feel better. Often only speaking helps, but there are situations when the listener can help, show you different perspective. It can happen that spitting it out will help you already, so why not try?

Journal. If you don’t feel like talking to people, or you don’t have anyone around you, that you feel like talking to, write it all down. Use a notebook, or a clean shit on Microsoft Office, or your phone notes, and just write. About what happened, about your fears, about how someone/something makes you angry. The paper won’t judge or laugh at your problems. It’s a cleansing process, trust me. Good thing is to write gratitude journal, where you write about things you’re thankful for. I will make another post about it I think.

Pray. I’m a religious person, a believer, so I pray. It helps. Probably the most.

I bet there are as many ways to make one feel better as there are people, but these are things that work for me. Sometimes I combine few of them together, so it double helps. Staying in bad mood is very unproductive and absolutely not attractive. Get rid of it as soon as possible then!

And the ultimate way to make all go away: HUGS. I don’t think it needs any comment even 🙂

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